Welcome to my fluctuating, volatile, fluid, irregular, mobile, shifting, wavering, capricious, changeful, flexible, inconstant, mercurial, mutable, uncertain, unsettled, unstable, vacillating, waffling world.  As Phoebe Snow once sang, "Do you like or love either or both of me?" Or should that be, "all of me"?


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EFT Practitioner

Emotional Freedom Techniques

works by releasing blocks in the energy system. Extremely effective for releasing negative emotions, huge and tiny.

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Art Educator

Connecting with your creativity


Connecting with who you really are!


Community Activist

Whether it's in the community around me, or in our global community, I believe that real change is possible. 

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What's next?

Time for collaboration!

And time to get my ducks in a row...

Life is good.


Tap away blocks...

EFT is a simple physical process, accessing our beliefs and the stories we tell ourselves, that can change us for the better.


A childhood belief-like bad luck if a black cat crosses your path-can run deep. Without you even knowing it, the buried belief might change what happens to you. Encountering a black cat could trip you up, somehow.


Our deep beliefs can stop us from achieving our goals.

Tapping on our bodies-our crown, temple, chin- while we focus on our thoughts and emotions, and change our self-talk, can help us achieve our goals.


Stay tuned for tips and processes....



Art in my life...

I recently helped to organize an Intuitive Painting Workshop with Instructor, Jean Burgess.  I had heard about this process for many years, and wanted to experience it for myself.  With a little help from my friends, we created a retreat weekend with wonderful women, fabulous food and terrific learning in a peaceful setting on the Nicola River.  Each participant created from a deep intuitive place, sharing common paint and brushes. but focussed on our own paper in our own space.  We were asked to refrain from looking at each other's art, to respect our own intuitive process. This provided the freedom to create without judgement. Each of us painted to express whatever came up for us -  joy,  sorrow, ambivalence, fear...whatever - without concern for the end product. The process was everything.

I plan to host more of these workshops in future, and I would love to organize a local Intuitive Painting Group.


I am the emcee...

Join us if you are in the neighbourhood!


Book Launch Party -

In the Footsteps of Alexander Mackenzie

Please Come and Help Us Celebrate.

Thursday, October 8
7:00 pm
South Surrey Recreation and Arts Centre
Turnbull Theatre


My dear friend, Carol Blacklaws, is launching her first book tonight! It's a beautiful print book full of photos and stories. A great read - interesting, personal and informative!

Carol's husband Rick has been a great support, offering the inspiration to start, the gorgeous hand-tinted b&w photos, archaeological essays, and the expertise to get her through the 3 year looooong process to the published work.


And I am spending the day preparing for the launch party - baking, mixing, planning, packing, and thinking of all the wonderful things I could say tonight as the Master of Ceremonies. KISS and Breathe...


I expect it will be an intimate affair, with interesting people, an engaging background Powerpoint by Carol, an archaeological slideshow by Rick, book sales, and then delicious food and drinks to share; and afterward, the quiet satisfaction of a successful evening with a much deserved glass of wine!


Join us if you can!



Chronicles of a Nutbar

Let me think.

Where do I start?

At the beginning?

In the middle?

Or what is happening right now?


Wherever I start, my personal journaling will be scattered, as my mind is, as my life has been. But it will hold together with the cohesion of a belief that everything happens for a reason.

Okay, here we go. 

I remember, as a child....